What and how much?

Well, I do offer quite a bit of different services and their costs are determined by various factors:


Mixing, recording, album production

If you want your album recorded, mixed or/and produced by me, do not hesitate to contact me. Prices depend heavily on which facilities we are going to do the said production and my level of participating on the production side of the project. So feel free to ask for a quote for your project!



Check my webpages E-Mastering.fi for more info about my mastering services.


Live mixing FOH, monitors or backliner

A fixed rate of 300€ (plus Finnish VAT 24%) / show + expenses (traveling, food, accomodation etc.). Alternatively 43,60€ / hour (plus Finnish VAT 24%)


Arrangements, songs, music for your medium

This depends solely of the magnitude of the project. As a guideline you can use my hourly rate of 43,60€ / hour (plus Finnish VAT 24%), but there are many factors and we can discuss them and get a quote for your project.

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